The Truth About Plato – YouTube

Collectivism vs Individualism

… you get it wrong, and the bodies pile up – well said Stefan.

Stefan’s masters thesis examined every philosopher’s belief system and everyone that believed in a higher realm, also believed that dictatorship was the ideal political form and every time they were empiricists, or Aristotelians, they believed that limited democracy, constitutional democracy, republic, was the ideal political form. If you believe in empiricism then every human being has the reason, capacity and material processing ability to get to the truth. Therefore human beings do not have to be ruled.

A sophist is a person who reason with clever but fallacious and decetive arguments.

Why Feelings Are Not Arguments – YouTube

This was helpful. This appears a lot in discussing issues with people that are not rational and it is hard to get the discussion to a place where ideas can be discussed rationally. If you make a claim, then it needs to be supported empirically to be useful to someone else. I have asked people that use the feeling argument to explain how they got there so I can see it the same way, and they are unable to.