Responding to the Crisis in Xinjiang – YouTube

Concentration camps being built in China. Yes, this is 2019, not an old video. Liberals really should have a discussion about collectivism with the conservatives as their concerns are valid and it is too easy for collectivism to go to far. And people die. We need to stay somewhere near the middle between the far left and the far right.

ThorCon: Cheap, Reliable, CO2-Free Electricity by Lars Jorgensen @ ThEC2018 – YouTube

This is brilliant. Waited a long time for this. It is the obvious answer. Self contained units of half a megawatt hour each, costing about $1 per watt hour to build and able to sell electricity at 6 cents a kilowatt hour. Fuel costs are only half a cent per kilowatt hour which competes favourably with coal. Fusion still seems decades away so we need this in the meantime instead of those dreadful solar and wind solutions.