The Truth About the Justin Trudeau Scandal – YouTube

Stefan does another great job of digging out all the relevant facts for a topical issue of the Prime Minister interfering with the judicial process leading into an election year.

  • SNC-Lavelin importance in terms of the Quebec provincial election and the next federal election (fall 2019?)
  • the timeline of Trudeau’s involvement in the justice process
  • It is against the law for anyone to pressure the Attorney General to obstruct a Criminal Prosecution. 10 year prison term.
  • SNC-Lavelin

‘Toxic Masculinity’ Is Just Badly Camouflaged Hatred of Men! – YouTube

I think the problem is that the male dominance hierarchy, or the way men organize themselves, is so well defined and the female dominance hierarchy is not. So many books written on the former and so little on the latter. Plus the female hierarchy seems to be connected to the male hierarchy as a woman’s place in the female hierarchy seems to be related to where she plugs into the male hierarchy. i.e. if she chooses a high value male, that will raise her status, compared to choosing a low value male. And as Jordan Peterson says, we don’t yet know if men and women can work together.

But clearly, one aspect of the female dominance hierarchy has to be guile.  You can gain power by twisting logic. Coupled with an appeal to a higher authority, in this case, the state. A thirst for power domination among feminists.