The Truth About Canada’s Election Part 3: Economy – YouTube

(excerpt from transcript)

  1. 40% of Canadian households pay $0 taxes towards federally and provincially funded expenses such as education, health care, social services, Public Safety, national defense
  2. 20% of households in Canada pay more than 70% of those costs
  3. 40% of the households fell in the $0 – 80,843  dollar income bracket and paid 4.6% of the country’s total personal tax, but federal and provincial refunded the tax, and more. (Fraser Institute’s Canadian tax simulator 2017). it’s a massive game of vote buying and immigration is part of that
scenario one – this hypothetical household has three children aged one four and six years and two parents with each parent making $22,650 for a total household income of $45,300 using the Ernst & Young personal tax calculator this household should pay a total of $4,560 in federal and provincial income tax which falls to the twentieth percentile mark as per the Fraser Institute or smack in the middle of the bottom forty percent in income bracket in reality though this group receives tax-free benefits of $19, 320 and ends up with net receipts of $14,758 from other taxpayers and this is how the government buys votes and this is in particular the liberal plan.

scenario two – household income of $60,420 or the thirtieth percentile assuming no deductions this household should pay $7,596 in income taxes according to the Ernst & Young calculator but instead receives $13,738 in tax-free benefits and ends up with net receipts of a cool $6,142 six thousand again from other taxpayers

scenario three – household income of $80,840 which falls in the fortieth percentile again assuming no deductibles this household should pay income tax
level $11,690 in reality it only pays $1,408 after receiving $10,282 in tax-free benefits

The Truth About Plato – YouTube

Collectivism vs Individualism

… you get it wrong, and the bodies pile up – well said Stefan.

Stefan’s masters thesis examined every philosopher’s belief system and everyone that believed in a higher realm, also believed that dictatorship was the ideal political form and every time they were empiricists, or Aristotelians, they believed that limited democracy, constitutional democracy, republic, was the ideal political form. If you believe in empiricism then every human being has the reason, capacity and material processing ability to get to the truth. Therefore human beings do not have to be ruled.

A sophist is a person who reason with clever but fallacious and decetive arguments.

The Truth About the Justin Trudeau Scandal – YouTube

Stefan does another great job of digging out all the relevant facts for a topical issue of the Prime Minister interfering with the judicial process leading into an election year.

  • SNC-Lavelin importance in terms of the Quebec provincial election and the next federal election (fall 2019?)
  • the timeline of Trudeau’s involvement in the justice process
  • It is against the law for anyone to pressure the Attorney General to obstruct a Criminal Prosecution. 10 year prison term.
  • SNC-Lavelin