The Meaning and Reality of Individual Sovereignty – YouTube

Been waiting for this one for a while now as it explains why so many of us are pushing back on political correctness, post-modernism, collectivism and so on. What do all these have in common – being defined by your group instead of being defined as an individual.

“Which is why collectivists have to shut down free speech. They don’t believe that there is such a thing as free speech, nor is there is such a thing as an individual. You are just the avatar of your group.”

NEW! Jordan Peterson Mind blowing INSIGHTS on Consent, Sex, Rape & Alcohol – YouTube

More clarity from this amazing man. He has an uncanny ability to boil down complex issues into digestible pieces. And he is absolutely right. There is a meme travelling around right now that the pill freed women and feminism has freed men. It is going to be interesting how he tackles that one.

(Noticed that these usually get taken down so I am copying the transcript)
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Jordan Peterson: 89.3% of people who use medication don’t know this – YouTube

Yong said if you confronted the
shadow, which was the dark side of people,
the aggressive side, that malevolent side,
that it it really reaches all the way
down to hell, and Dante sort of was
trying to put forward the same thing
when he wrote the inferno.  With the
levels of evil right because it was a
voyage through the levels of evil right
to the bottom. He thought the bottom was
betrayal. It’s pretty good the most the
center of malevolence is betrayal. I like
that because to betray someone you have
to get them to trust you and trust is a
moral virtue, right, especially if it’s
courageous trust because it it puts you
in alignment with other people and
allows you to move forward into life and
if you betray that you really, it’s like
a knife in that it’s like knife in the
heart through the back especially if
it’s someone who loved loves you betrays
you and especially if they betray you
for your virtues that’s a really nice
twist. So I believe, because I think that
people are capable of good that if they
know enough about evil that that will
straighten them out so but who wants
that you know this is one of the things
I really like about you only he’s often
regarded as a new-age thinker that’s
wrong he’s no new-age thinker he knew
that the the pathway to enlightenment
was barred by the necessity of a passage
through hell and that no one was going
to do that that’s why there isn’t a
world full of enlightened people you
might say like it was just a matter of
doing nice things following your bliss
let’s say however you might put it then
why wouldn’t everyone walk up the
stairway to heaven that isn’t how it
works that’s not how it works at all I
don’t think you can be convinced of the
necessity for moral action until you
exactly how dark and terrible things can
get and that it’s your fault that
they’re getting that way who wants to
think that so you can think it though
but not not without it burning you so