The Ugly Truth About Justin Trudeau | Ezra Levant and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

Amazing discussion between two Canadian truth seekers. If you know anything about their body of work you know that they are going to dig into things and not stop until they get right to the bottom of it. ¬†And they don’t disappoint here. ¬†Their riffing off each other seems to bring out so many great talking points that I wish I had time to listen to it again and take notes. Very useful stuff here.

I wish it was required listening because it displays clearly the danger Canada now faces because of the likes of Trudeau. And you just know that a lot of patriotic Canadians, those that that truly value what makes us different from anywhere else in the World, including America, are going to wake up at some point and we are going to have our own civil war here someday. The really scary thing is at the same time, we have unprecedented state surveillance of our every movement, what we say, what we read, who we meet with, because each of us carries an electronic device that makes that possible. It is going to be ugly.