Truth Vs Lies About Flu Vaccines *Updated* – YouTube

The thing that fascinates me about this issue is that the mainstream is so pro-vaccine, that it would be suicidal to even question it. Everyone knows that vaccines work and are necessary, so what is wrong with you.

But. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to investigate and discuss the findings in an open and friendly manner? It is shocking to see the number of deaths directly attributed to vaccines. It looks like there is some real scientific research into the correlation with autism, at least, in terms of neurotoxins and nerve death.

NEW! Jordan Peterson Mind blowing INSIGHTS on Consent, Sex, Rape & Alcohol – YouTube

More clarity from this amazing man. He has an uncanny ability to boil down complex issues into digestible pieces. And he is absolutely right. There is a meme travelling around right now that the pill freed women and feminism has freed men. It is going to be interesting how he tackles that one.

(Noticed that these usually get taken down so I am copying the transcript)
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Loneliness: An Epidemic in our Society and Why We Need to Change – Teal Swan Speech London 2018 – YouTube

This was actually well done and worth being patient through its slow and gentle start. I am thinking-dominated, and I often ask feeling-dominant people, how did they arrive at their feelings on things, in particular, their world view. And it never seemed to work. I gained nothing from it. Teal Swan seems to be able to take me through a journey of feeling. She is able to break the thinking-feeling boundary. And it is such an important topic. I never felt more lonely than when I was married or when I am in a large social gathering. Yet I am not lonely whatsoever when I am alone or with a good friend.

Capitalism vs. Socialism – YouTube

Brief refresher on why the first world embraces Capitalism and why we should always reject Socialism.  And no, we should not allow school teachers to promote socialist doctrine on impressionable young minds. Teach them how to think, not what to think.

I would characterize myself as a centrist, extremely open-minded and liberal in my thinking but mainstream has gone way too far to the left and has to be pulled back before there is too much damage that can’t be recovered from. There currently seems to be no way to curb government growth and intrusion in our lives. We are witnessing a rapid erosion of civil liberties and individual freedoms.


The Truth About the Justin Trudeau Scandal – YouTube

Stefan does another great job of digging out all the relevant facts for a topical issue of the Prime Minister interfering with the judicial process leading into an election year.

  • SNC-Lavelin importance in terms of the Quebec provincial election and the next federal election (fall 2019?)
  • the timeline of Trudeau’s involvement in the justice process
  • It is against the law for anyone to pressure the Attorney General to obstruct a Criminal Prosecution. 10 year prison term.
  • SNC-Lavelin